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H2Opportunity in a Nutshell


Are you interested in a career that makes a difference? Do you want to be a part of an industry that impacts the lives of the people in your community? There are careers in the water industry that run the gamut of interests, skills, training, and education. The tagline for the H2Opportunity program is “Careers in Water Protection from GED to PhD.” This is significant because there are fantastic jobs in the water industry that may only require a high school diploma (or GED), willingness to learn, and on-the-job training by an employer. There are many skilled trade positions available in the water industry, some in offices and some in the field. The same is true for individuals with advanced degrees. With positions available in water quality research, innovation, consulting, or education, there are many career opportunities for with those with higher levels of education. There are many career options available in the water industry so take a closer look.


There are many advantages to a career in the water industry:

  • Purpose: When you feel like you are making a difference in the world, it provides a sense of meaning and purpose. You feel like you have given your time and energy to something worthwhile, serving and protecting the community.

  • Opportunity: There are a wide variety of opportunities available in the industry. Work environments in the water industry vary from field work to office work to laboratory positions. Whatever your interest, there is bound to be a job that fits your personality.

  • Stability: No matter the time of year or economic climate, the need for water, wastewater collection, and stormwater management remains constant. Since these products and services are integral to daily life, the workforce in the water industry typically enjoys stability in the job market.

  • Benefits: The benefit packages offered to employees have long been a strength to working in the water industry. Health insurance, vacation/ personal leave, and retirement packages are a few of the benefits that have been a valuable draw to this industry and are often lacking in other career paths.

Visit Careers in the Water Industry for more information on possible career options! 

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