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Stormwater Management is truly the one area of the water industry where everything comes together and unites the water industry.

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Civil engineering, environmental science, operations and maintenance, and education all have a place in this field. Having a career in stormwater means that you will work with not only pipes and drainage, but also with nature and waterways. Without stormwater protection, water supply lakes, reservoirs, and rivers could become polluted making it harder and more expensive to produce drinking water. Wastewater systems, including sewer and septic systems, run near, next to, or across the very waterways that stormwater protects.


Engineers not only design gray infrastructure such as pipes and drains, but get involved with cutting edge green infrastructure that is changing the way stormwater is managed. Environmental scientists sample waterways, survey habitats, and investigate sources of pollution. Operators in the field lay pipe, inspect best management practices, and work everyday to protect the health and safety of the community. There are numerous and varied career pathways in stormwater that can take a candidate from entry level to director, and provide the ever-elusive enjoyment of the day-to-day job. Plus, you are really working for the greater good and affecting positive change across the community and the landscape.

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