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Homes, Businesses, and Schools


We all share a common need: WATER. From the water we use to brush our teeth to the water we flush from our home, we are all dependent on the infrastructure systems that deliver water to the tap and carry it away from the drains. Everyone is responsible for using this essential resource wisely in our homes, businesses, and schools, because the water we have now is all the water we will ever have. 

How does an average resident know how to find & fix leaks, thus potentially lowering their water bill and conserving water? Do they know that flushable wipes clog pipes in the home as well as in the public infrastructure, leading to costly repairs? Many careers in water offer opportunities to provide outreach, marketing, and education to the community to promote the value of water and encourage behavior changes that can extend the life of our private pipes and public infrastructure. 


Specific job titles include Education Specialist, Marketing Coordinator, Sustainability Coordinator, Outreach Manager, and Utility Public Information Officer. A background in Marketing, Public Relations, Education, Natural Resources, Environmental Science, or related fields provides the skills needed to engage the community and encourage actions to protect our pipes and treatment facilities.

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